How far we have come...July

Three under two!

July 2011 - Strawberry and Ooffa 5 months. Chook 22 months.

A surprise visit from Gran and Grandpa for three awesome weeks began July. It was such a relief to have another pair of hands in the house. It took away the feeling of Groundhog Day. You know the movie where he wakes up and it is the same day, over and over again. My life was starting to feel that way!

I continued to successfully breastfeed the twins but Ooffa was needing more. At the end of June he began solids. We initially tried Strawberry but she wasn't ready. I hoped solids would encourage Ooffa to sleep through the whole night, however, he continued to wake for a feed in the night.

Sleeping arrangements continued with Ooffa and Strawberry in with Steve and I. Chook had his own room and Gamer had his own room.

Exercise had become non-existant. I was managing to attend Playgroup and the fortnightly Mother's Group, just!

Chook attend Daycare once a week.

When Gran and Granpa left I fell apart. Everything was suddenly back on me and it was just so overwhelming. The thing is I thought I was dealing with it. I thought that if I was SUPER organised and routined to the eyeballs I would be able to handle three under two, a teenager in the first year of highschool, the house, the washing, my husbands needs, my own needs, putting food on the table, putting food into children's mouths, toddler behaviour management, the finances, a social life for me and for the kids. Heck, if other mother's out there could do it, well so should I!

It was at the Health Clinic for the twins 6 month check-up that I discovered how much I was NOT coping.

Over the next month I will build the courage to share with you this deep, sad, personal story. It is still raw and very tender. It can only be written from my heart and many tears will be shed whilst I write it. As I write this I can tell you that I am at the tail end of one of the hardest years of my life. I hope that by writing my story I can close the book on that chapter and start a new year with joy and happiness in my heart!

Sanity Tip for 3 under 2: There is no right or wrong way to parent. It's about working out what is right for you. It's about working out what works for you and your situation. We are our own worst critics. Just keep telling yourself "You are doing the best you can with what you've got and know, here and now".

Three under three!

July 2012 - Strawberry and Ooffa 17 months. Chook 34 months.

Chook is a high spirited, enthusiastic, energetic bundle of mischief!

He attends Daycare once a week and is visiting the 'big' room where he'll go when he's three. I will continue to send him for one day a week until he is school-age. Mummy's need to have a break!

He loves books and throughly enjoys Circle Time. His favourite things are Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, helicopters, making tunnels and bridges, glueing and he loves Mr Maker, which really surprises me! If he's interested in something he'll spend the time doing it. He loves to sing the morning song to Strawberry and Ooffa.

Gamer has been encouraging Chook to count to 10 and it is just lovely to watch. Gamer has also been reading him a story at night, Tashi. I was worried that it would be too old for him, but Gamer gives the characters voices and brings the story alive for Chook.

Chook wakes in the night several times a week and tries to get into bed with me. Three in the bed is really uncomfortable for me so I try to put him back into his bed. After a while he'll be back in my bed. We do this several times during the night until he either stays in his bed or I end up on the couch.

We are having more good days than bad days now. The challenges of the two and half year old are subsiding and a more patient, loving, gentler nearly three year old is emerging.

Strawberry and Ooffa are at a beautiful age!

When I look into Strawberry's eyes I see a little girl full of fun. She just loves life! Since she started walking (less than two months ago) she has become more confident and outgoing. She knows what she wants and will let us know if she's not getting it or not getting it long enough. She doesn't fight her brothers back when they take something from her (but we'll all hear about it!) and she doesn't hurt them even after all the grabs and knocks she's had.

She loves nothing more than a good sleep, her thumb, her blankie and cuddles. I love Circle Time when she lies in my lap and listens to the story!

Ooffa is into trying anything that Chook does. Yesterday he learnt to jump on the little trampoline we have. Today he is following Chook up the climbing frames but he can't get over the top! He then learnt to slide down the slide on his tummy and spent ages doing it over and over again.

Chook was this age when Strawberry and Ooffa were born. I have recently been comparing the two at this age and the differences are HUGE! Ooffa has a totally different temperment. I also have to tell myself that as a mum I am different to how I was back then and how Ooffa is in a different situation to Chook. I do wonder sometimes...but I can't change the past.

I can't believe how far we have come! Here they are today running and climbing. Thinking and doing. Little personalities shining brightly through. No longer babies, but little toddling people!

Sanity Tip 3 under 3: This 'job' that you are doing, motherhood, it IS hard. You are 'on' 24/7. So, listen carefully my beautiful Mummy friends (I have learnt this the hardest way possible)...Looking after yourself IS looking after your family. You are NOT a bad mummy for wanting that space, that quiet, those precious moments of kid-freedom. In fact you are a better mummy for getting it! Trust me. I know. Make sure you find some time just for you in your busy week.


  1. Aww a lovely heartfelt post Amie and one i can so relate too. It is amazing to look back on a year and see how they have grown and their little personalities are developing!
    it is tough...i hear you Mummy! This has been the hardest 2 yrs of my life coping with twins and as you know i have travelled a similar emotional path to you which still seems to bite me on the butt and overwhelm when i least expect it!
    We are making it though mate and you should be so proud...thanks for sharing your journey with us...they are gorgeous little beings xx

    1. Thank you Jode! I believe there's two beautiful little girls in your household that I need to wish a Happy 2nd Birthday to! And to you to Jode..two years my lovely and I see by the wonderful activities you post on your blog that you are doing a fantastic job. I read something about raising young children the other day, that if the children are changed, fed and there hasn't been a trip to the emergency department by the end of the day, then your doing brilliantly! xox

  2. "Looking after yourself IS looking after your family." Couldn't agree more! When new mums ask me for advice one of the things I make sure they take away is that you must look after yourself, motherhood is not about martyrdom.


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