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It's official! Triple T Mum has a new home!

Although I'll keep this blog open for a tiny bit longer...all new posts will be happening on the new URL from today.

Please head over to Triple T Mum a continue to be a part of our play and learning there!

The new space is so fresh and inspiring! And you are going to love the direction we are taking.

A whole new approach on our play and learning posts, to make them so user friendly and PRINTABLE!

We've kept the parenting posts, because let's face it we weren't meant to parent alone! Every now and again I'll share some Mama craft to inspire your creative moments! And a new section called Home Hearth, full of household tips for organisation and our favourite family 'tick of approval' recipes! 

It wouldn't have happened without your lovely support here, but, well, we kinda grew up!

See you all over at Triple T Mum.

Changes Are Coming Soon!

It’s time to let you in on a little secret. I can’t reveal too much yet, but Triple T Mum is going through a transformation! I'm working on a new site, updating classic posts and adding new content. It’s exciting, and it’s gonna be big!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice some changes to Triple T Mum. As I juggle the kids and research and write, I’ll be scaling back the frequency of blog posts on here. 

The best way to stay up to date is via Facebook. Be sure to pop on over and Like Us to keep in the know. I post new stuff every day to keep you motivated and playing with your kids!

Six Ways To Take Time For Yourself

I was holding my breath. To scared to breathe.
My mind was throwing thoughts out left, right and centre. Too fast to hold on to.
My heart was in my throat. My stomach held in so tightly it hurt.
"Just breathe, just breathe". I willed myself to take in a breath.
Time For Yourself
When I start feeling like this I know it is time to retreat, reassess, regroup. Take some time for me. More often that not, my retreat will need to be delayed for several hours or several days. To maintain a calm presence in my parenting, I tell myself to breathe and plan my first opportunity for a time out. Oh, and chocolate is always good!

1 . Take A Mini-Timeout
We've all got to go to the bathroom, right? Chances are that if I am feeling like this I'll be reacting badly, unless I am being mindful and present. My instinct is to fire up so to practice being mindful and present I need to remove myself from my children's presence for a moment, collect myself and calm down. I do this by going to the bathroom and breath in deeply and out slowly, for as long as I am able.  Then I can return to the situation and deal with it with love, calmness and control.  

2. Take Time For Yourself 
When my mind is so full that it is spilling out into my day and affecting my interactions with my children I plan my escape to the sea. I like to drive to a certain beach, park in the carpark that over looks the sea and sit and watch and think. My peace is found by the sea. A friend of mine likes to take the dogs out for a walk along the beach. Another friend works on a visual diary in her spare bedroom.
Time For Yourself

3. Sleep
I make sleep a priority. And if I'm not getting enough at night I try to nap with the kids at rest time and if that doesn't happen, I make it an early night.

4. Wake before the kids
I don't get to do this very often as I have an early riser, but when it does happen it is AMAZING. Just to sit and drink my tea in the quiet of the morning makes a for a happy and relaxed Mama!
Time For Yourself

5. Be An Organised Mum
I'll be running a series of posts soon on the benefits of being organised and how you can start the organisation process by looking at implementing some tasks and establishing a rhythm.

Looking for ideas on establishing a rhythm/routine, check out our Morning Rhythm, our Afternoon Rhythm or our Evening Rhythm

6. Get Creative! I have a need to be creative everyday. It nourishes my soul to surround myself with some form of creative outlet. There's my own passion for sewing, papercraft, cross stitching and writing. There's enjoying my teens passion for music. There's watching my toddlers play and build with a variety of household objects and toys. There's beachcombing and nature walks as a family. And sitting with my bestie talking all things craft.

Do you have any tips on how you take time for yourself? How do you maintain a calm presence in your parenting? Please share your ideas!

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Thank you Anna's Craft Cupboard!

I love that when you start putting positives out to the world, good things just seem to happen! Like last week when the kids were sick and I needed a bit of a pick me up, this arrived in the post.

That inconspicuious looking pizza box contained some much needed crafty goodness! What a wonderful assortment of materials to play with in my next crafting session. Thank you Anna's Craft Cupboard for filling my order and sending it so quickly. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the email that my order had been packed and SENT the very same day I placed the order. Thank you so much Julie!
 Can you see the sparkle on that gorgeous butterfly paper? This is a new range from Kaisercraft called Enchanted Garden. I saw the sample pack two weeks ago (sneak peak!) and fell utterly in love with it.
 How could I resist the stamp set, the rub ons and the collectables with such beautiful quotes like "Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart"!
I was thinking shabby chic here. This Crate Paper Pack - Pretty Party was on sale and will look lovely in a shabby chic frame. The stamp set is from Prima. There is defiently a faerie theme happening here!

Look at this washi tape goodness! I haven't used washi tape before but I am so inspired by what I am seeing around Pinterest, I want to play too! Some vintage buttons and a couple of 6x6 paper pads. Do you see that tape in the background and a little bag of brads? A complimentary gift with my order! 

Hmmm, it might be time to start thinking about a giveaway... 

Farm Animal Toddler/Preschool Unit

This has been a fantastic unit to do with my children and there is so much more to be learnt and experienced when we revisit the unit. The following unit activities were completed with two year olds and a 3.5 year old.

Creative Play - Farm animal stickers, feathers, match sticks and coloured paper make wonderful pictures to display. 
(Click the picture to go to the post)
Farm Sticker Art Activity

Dramatic Play - Using play dough, farm animal toys and a few other bits and pieces, children can create a farm yard for their farm animals. Using this play prop children will retell stories and create new ones. 
(Click the picture to go to the post)
Play Dough Farm Activity

We are also using the water table, the farm animals and a variety of props to retell Fergus To The Rescue by Tony Maddox. 
(Click the picture to go to the post)
Dramatic Play at the Water Table

How cute are these felt finger puppets? Made for retellings of Five Little Ducks.
Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets

Exploratory Play - Take a trip out to the farm. We are focusing on how many legs an animal has and different animal coverings, such as ducks have feathers and cows have hair. We are also investigating Sink or Float with farm animals.

Manipulative Play - We are experiencing this through play dough, the song Five Little Ducks and building farm yards with blocks.

Sensory Play - A field trip to a farm is a wonderful sensory experience and all five senses can be explored.
Using Our Senses: Look
Using Our Senses: Touch
Using Our Senses: Smell
Using Our Senses: SoundUsing Our Senses: Taste

Home Life - We aquired two ducklings on our farm visit so taking care of ducklings is included in our daily household chores.
Bringing the Farm Home

Chook - 3.7 years old
Strawberry - 26 months
Ooffa - 26 months
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Sleep evades us

It is a sorry state that you find us in this week. If you have been following along in Instagram you will know we are nursing all the littlies through a bout of tonsillitis. (Check out the new little widget thingy on the sidebar which shows my Instagram feed, it really is the coolest thing! I love that I can be in the midst of this craziness and still share with you all our everyday moments).

So three littlies, three levels of tonsillitis, heading into our second week and it's definitely affecting the Wellbeing of this household. Particularly the parents, who are trying to function on very little sleep. We have had several visits to the hospital and we have the required medicine but after all doses have been administered and there's three hours to go before the next dosage, the only thing you can do is comfort. And comfort we have. From snuggles on the couch in the daytime to the sling to co-sleeping. Anything just to get some sleep! Three sick kids all at once was probably what we dreaded the most about having such a close age gap. And me getting sick. But we won't go there, will we?!

Some old unhelpful thoughts have visited recently (as they tend to in the middle of the night and when you've only had four hours sleep each night). Crafting handmade goodness has such a positive impact on me but at a time like this there is no time to craft. Several times I've wondered if I'll ever craft again (dramatic I know!), will this sickness ever end and will we ever sleep through the night. But of course the answers are yes, yes and yes! In the not too distant future this time will be past, our rhythm will return and sleep will be a regular feature. I can't say I will miss times such as these but there are small moments that I wish to carry through with me. Moments like sitting on the couch, running my fingers through Chook's hair, trying to will sleep through my touch. The softness of a tiny body moulded into yours. The pure faith that you alone can make this alright. To be needed.

Oh and look what postie just delivered! 
Happy Mail 
I see crafting goodness on the horizon! 

You can find us on Instagram @tripletttmum. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Pinterest where I love sharing new ideas on parenting with joy, creative play and learning through play.
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Kid's Owl and the Pussycat Glove Craft

When I was invited by the lovely Maggy Woodley from the blog Red Ted Art to join in on an Australian virtual book tour, I was so excited! Even more exciting was being sent an excerpt from her book Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids to create for this post!
When selecting an art and craft book for the children I consider the book very carefully. What I look for are projects that are simple, require no or a little adult help, use easily sourced materials (recycled preferably) and have a purpose to them. Maggy delivers this and more! This book is fantastic as it is full of projects that can be played with!
Kid's Owl and the Pussycat Glove Craft
I am totally obsessed with owls, in fact, I am currently on a mission called '40 for 40'. The goal is to collect 40 owls by my 40th birthday in May next year (between you and me, I think I've already achieved it). To increase the challenge of this mission some of these owls need to be handmade, so when I received my excerpt and it was The Owl and the Pussycat I knew that was the project for me! Yeah, okay I did say this was a kids craft book but this is OWLS! Anyway, I am totally going to create this for the kids (don't us crafty mama's ALWAYS create for others and never for ourselves).
Kid's Owl and the Pussycat Glove Craft
Strawberry just loves the softness of the gloves.
Maggy Woodley has kindly allowed me to share with you the instructions for making this gorgeous craft. (Ummm, obviously the craft is not by me but that's just how Scribd embeds into blogger. The following is extracted from Red Ted Art by Maggy Woodley).

Following Maggy's instructions provides a project that children of all ages can be involved in. Pop over to Picklebum's and catch up with how she involved her kids in completing this project. (Link provided when Picklebum's post goes live).

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